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Tuition Payment Plans

Tuition Payment Plans

Payment plans are offered for each standard academic semester.

  • Fall semester:  We offer a 6 payment, 5 payment, 4 payment, 3 month, or 2 month payment plan.
  • Spring semester: We offer a 6 payment, 5 payment, 4 payment, 3 month, or 2 month payment plan.
  • Summer:  We offer a 3 payment or a 2 month payment plan.

Payment plans are intended for current semester charges only. Prior unpaid charges would not be included in a semester payment plan. Financial aid is first applied to the current semester university charges, a payment plan can then be established for the remaining amount only. If a tuition account is completely paid with financial aid, a payment plan cannot be established.

How to Set Up a Payment Plan

Payment plans may be set up by accessing the Student Hub. Once logged into the Hub, on the left side, click “View and Pay Account” to finalize setting up your payment plan.

Participation in a payment plan does not guarantee enrollment in future semesters or a release of transcript or diploma. A failed or delinquent payment plan may result in cancellation of enrollment, will result in an enrollment hold for future semesters, and denial of access to transcripts and diplomas. The payment plan would need to be brought current prior to release of enrollment in future semesters and to grant access to transcripts and diplomas.

Once logged into this site, students can also set up 3rd parties, such as parents, guardians, grandparents, spouses, etc., as authorized users. Click here for more information and instructions on how to add an Authorized User.