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International Students

International Student Services and Success Center

Get help for all aspects of making the transition to the U.S. and important issues international students should consider. The International Student Services website has a wealth of information and resources. They offer assistance with English proficiency, adjustment to university life, cultural adaptation, and socializing.

Visit Info for Current Students webpage for all the offices you should visit to set up email, buy your parking permit, search for campus jobs, buy textbooks, etc. Login to the 最靠谱的网赌软件 Portal and check the campus calendar of events.

Get Academic Support

Set up a coaching appointment with a Student Success Coach to help with study skills, time management and adjusting to college life.

Tutoring Services are free and available for all 最靠谱的网赌软件 undergraduate students. Learn about getting a job as a tutor to earn extra money. Find campus resources for academic help like the Writing Center and Math Lab.

Meet with Academic Advisor

Meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss declaring majors and developing an outline of courses for your time at 最靠谱的网赌软件. Make an effort to meet with your academic advisor 1-2 times per semester. Make sure you are on track to graduate and taking the correct courses for your major and minor.


Build relationships with your professors by visiting their office hours. They are your first source of help in your classes.

U.S. Classrooms and Culture

Learn about the differences in classrooms here and back home. Know academic integrity rules and etiquette for behavior in classes. Visit Student Affairs and read the Student Code of Conduct and Academic Bulletin. Keep copies of your syllabus in each course and follow this for important due dates and class instructions. Learn how GPA works.


Campus Recreation offers Intramural Sports and a place to exercise and stay fit. Get help if you are sick or need to work on stress management or anxiety at the Alexander Health Center.

Clubs and Organizations

Get involved in your academic department’s initiatives and events. Visit the Student Activities and Student Association websites for info on student groups, student discounts, and leadership opportunities.